Why Owning an Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) is Important for Your Building

Energy monitoring goals are built to provide users with info about their building consumption patterns that are carried out by utilizing an Energy Monitoring System (EMS). This system gathers energy consumption data, analyses it and then feeds necessary info back to the customers’ device. Building owners who utilize the EMS will be able to view their energy consumption, re-strategize the building’s energy data, leading them to make overall better business decisions. intelligent building system

The record of energy consumption is gathered through utilizing counters or sub-counters present within the property or in the building itself for every commodity consumed (gas, water, electricity and heat), which will offer you with an overview for better energy management.

Additional Features of a Smart EMS: 

  1. Flag any issues in real-time and advise the building operators of the power-saving measures that need to be taken. 
  2. Provide KPIs, such as pattern linking to specific spots of power consumption, the intensity of power usage, and other indicators that can be utilized in establishing targets for energy-saving.

Why an EMS is Necessary for Your Business: 

  • Identify the wide energy usage from different sections  within each industry.
  • Monitor and manage the power consumption in terms of Maximum Demand (MD),  voltage, current, energy factors, etc.
  • Direct instances when energy consumption is unexpectedly lower or higher than as usual.
  • Produce the power consumption report on a daily, weekly, and monthly format.
  • Future energy management which includes cost-saving factors. 
  • Identify areas of unnecessary energy usage. 

Advantages of Energy Monitoring as a Whole:

  • With the EMS, live monitoring of energy usage in different areas of the industry is completely possible. In addition, there are real-time and historical features that can analyze the power consumption. 
  • It is possible with an EMS to enhance power usage by analyzing the alterations in power consumption. Also, the EMS informs business operators of the unnecessary power usage by comparing previous with the current needs of energy consumption.

As energy monitoring continues to become a topic of interest among business owners, SOURCE, an EMS by Plus Xnergy Edge, provides your organization with the ability to monitor your energy consumption and convert the building’s energy data into savings. Through SOURCE, an AIoT energy performance management system, turn the energy insights within your building into savings and business intelligence. 

For more on SOURCE, visit the website or contact edge.contact@plus-solar.com.my 

Written by: Sharlene Oong

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